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Sorry about the lack of updates. The last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. Here’s the recap.

Backyard chilling

Griffin and Daddy just hanging out.

During my sister’s Spring Break, I recruited her for a day of day care tours. Dennis joined us and Mom watched Griffin. It was a pretty busy day but very productive. Day cares are SO EXPENSIVE! I did find one that I am very happy with as far as staff and price. I just have to get Scott in so that he can give his two cents. I hope he likes it because, even though Griffin wouldn’t start until the summer, I’d like to have his space saved before I go back to work.

Scott celebrated his 34th birthday on March 18th. He took the day off and hung out with Griffin and me. We loved it! A big plus was that it was GORGEOUS out. We hung out around the house and then headed down to the Londoner (one of Daddy’s favorite watering holes) where we sat outside to soak up the rays, visited with Dana, a good pal and fellow OU alum, and ate some amazing pub fare. When we got home, Griffin and Scott hung out in the backyard while I got ready for our dinner date with more folks. (As an added bonus, Mom came over to babysit while we were out–it was our first restaurant outing without the baby!) We further celebrated Scott’s birthday by having a barbecue at Dennis and Ning’s place. It was good times as always as we hung out with family and friends.

The day after the barbecue, I was WORN OUT! I attributed it to a busy week of running around and doing stuff. When I started throwing up that night and making frequent bathroom visits the next day, the exhaustion morhped into a stomach virus. I felt so worn out but luckily mom came over and was a HUGE help. It was really hard because I had zero appetite but had to eat SOMETHING since I’m still breastfeeding. I’m feeling way better now and am eating more than enough to make up for the eating I missed while I was sick.

While I was sick, I refrigerator also decided to call it quits. It had been breaking down for some time now–the icemaker had broken years ago and now the fridge part just wasn’t as cool as it should have been. The repair guy came over and said that we needed a new heater defroster. He had to order the part but said that, in the meantime, we could turn off the fridge for 24 hours after which we could turn it back on until the part came in. We went ahead and ordered the part but after talking about it, we decided that since the fridge is THIRTEEN YEARS OLD (it was a hand me down from Scott’s parents) we should get a new one. So, we did. It was delivered just this morning and I LOVE IT!

So, that’s it for now. I’m going to try to grab something to eat before Griffin wakes from his morning nap. Will try to update more often. Ciao!

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Happy Birthday, dear Dennis!

Today is my brother-in-law, Dennis’s birthday! Happy birthday, dear Densi!

He just got back from his second tour in Iraq a couple of months ago and we are all so glad to have him home!

I was going to post a picture of him in his Halloween costume but decided not to as part of his birthday list. If you know Dennis, please wish him a happy birthday today!

Hope it’s a good one, bro!

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