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It’s on AGAIN!

2015_reading_challenge_logo-300x241I don’t intentionally only intend to update this blog when the YALSA Hub Reading Challenge comes around, I swear! Things happen! Writing reviews gets HARD. That and I’m lazy. That is no excuse, I know so this year will be different…maybe.

I am once again participating in the YALSA’s Hub Reading Challenge! Fearless readers will try to read and/or listen to at least 25 titles from YALSA’s Awards and Top Ten reading lists. The challenge started today and runs until June 21st. Twenty five books sounds like a lot some day and other days it doesn’t. The real challenge for me is starting and finishing books that I wouldn’t normally read.

But it’s SO worth it! Last year, I discovered so many wonderful books that I wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. And, I’m proud to say that I finished! I did, I truly did. Here’s the proof:


They only give these out to finishers, folks! 🙂 Actually, I probably wouldn’t have come as close if Strobe Edge hadn’t counted for several books but hey, they ALL made the Top 10 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list, so lucky me!

I participated in the Hub Morris/Nonfiction Challenge so I already have five books read. I think twenty more books is highly doable. Right? RIGHT! Anyway, please continue to check back for reviews and other musings. I’m hoping to write reviews for all the books I read so…here’s hoping!

What about you? Are you participating in the challenge too? Have you done any other book/reading challenges? I’d love to know!