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Strobe Edge vols. 1-5 by Io Sakisaka

on February 11, 2014

So at first I thought I’d do individual reviews on each volume of Strobe Edge but I read them so quickly I forgot what happened in which volume so…yeah, I’m going to lump several together in one review.

So the series has really grown on me! The characters are now developing and things started getting interesting for me, probably at around volume 3. Rather than spoil certain plot points for others, I’m going to warn you that, if you don’t want to know what happens next, you probably shouldn’t read on. I’m trying not to reveal anything huge and, let’s face it, if you’ve read any shoujo manga in your lifetime you probably know what’s coming up, but better safe than sorry. 🙂

The plot continues to revolve around Ninako and her steadfast love for the popular Ren. Despite the fact that Ren has a girlfriend, Ninako can’t help how she feels about him. Rather than try to break the couple up, she is determined to ensure Ren’s happiness and maintain their friendship. Ninako’s loyalty and sweet ditziness must be attractive because not only is former playboy Ando interested in her but there are hints that something a little more than friendship might be on Ren’s mind as well.

Sakisaka does a nice job of interweaving the other characters into the narrative as well. It is through Mayuka’s story that we really learn more about Ren. While Ninako, because of her feelings for him, notices all the little things Ren does, you learn a lot more about who Ren is when he is with Mayuka. When he realizes he might start feeling something for Ninako, he tucks those feelings away to avoid hurting and breaking a long ago made promise to Mayuka.

I think what interests me most about the series are the choices that the characters make. Rather than try to break a couple up, Ninako tries to be the best friend that she can be. One character urges Ren to spend more Ninako because he is a different person he is around her. Another character lets go of someone she cares very deeply for because she knows it’s time to let him go. That’s what has kept me reading so far. The story is cute enough, but the characters are intriguing. I just have one more volume to go before I can cross this item off my reading for the challenge but it’s not so difficult as I thought it would be.

So…how about YOU? Have you read Strobe Edge? What do you think lays in store for our characters? Let me know if you want to spoil me, because I just might let you. 😉


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