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Hello 3 months!

on April 21, 2009

Griffin celebrated his almost 3 months in a way that made his daddy and mommy very proud: He attended his very first Jimmy Buffett tailgate party! Griffin was truly a little Parakeet in his Hawaiian shirt (courtesy of the Westbrooks, longtime Evans family friends) and lei (thank you, Aunt Lindsay!). He also enjoyed being passed around to his various “aunties” and “uncles.” Scott was particularly happy to have Griffin at Buffett. As Jimmy B. gets closer to retiring we always wonder if this year will be the last show in Dallas. Scott was so thrilled that his son got to experience the Buffett festivities. If Buffett does come back next year, it may be a little more challenging since Griffin will be up and running all over the place!

Two Parrotheads and their Parakeet

Two Parrotheads and their Parakeet

Buffett also brought a visit from one of my dearest friends, Elle! We were so happy to have Auntie Elle stay with us. Griffin expressed this by throwing up all over her–his ultimate expression of affection. 🙂

Griffin and Auntie Elle

Griffin and Auntie Elle

At 3 months, Griffin has discovered his hands. They seem to fascinate him. I think he realizes that he can control them too. The other day, as he was laying in his gymini, I swear I caught him batting at one of the dangling toys! He did it several times and I wonder if it was intentional or just a coincidence. He continues to get longer and longer. He seems to really love it when he’s lying down and we talk to him. When we do that he just laughs and talks back and laughs and laughs. He’s a character, that little guy of mine.

Griffin lounges in the papasan.

Griffin lounges in the papasan.


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