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The pack adjusts

on April 5, 2009

Several people have asked us how the dogs are taking to Griffin. We have been very fortunate because, other than being pretty curious about him, they have been surprisingly calm and gentle when he is near them. I wouldn’t leave Griffin on the floor with the dogs and walk away, but I do know that when he is doing tummy time, Guinness isn’t going to try and take a chunk out of him.

Guinness has been a little more naughty than usual–getting into the trash when he never has before, eating before he is given the “okay” and then wolfing down Bailey’s food to boot–but I definitely do not think he would ever do Griffin any harm. He is actually the first one that goes running into the room when Griffin starts to wail. His look of concern is really very adorable.

If anything, they’ve gotten a little more protective. If they sense anything amiss one of them (usually Guinness) will start barking and the other (usually Bailey) will come sit in front of me. If the baby is in the bassinet in the bedroom, at least one of the dogs is in there with him. When I’m feeding Griffin, Guiness loves to curl up on my feet and Bailey is never too far away.

I’ve felt like I’ve been neglecting them. I haven’t gone on as many walks with them because I didn’t think I could handle the two of them and the stroller at the same time. I think walks are back on now. The other day I loaded Griffin into the Baby Bjorn (it was the first time I put him in it when he wasn’t screaming so he did fine), leased up the dogs, and headed out. They were both REALLY good! Even Guinness, my big tugger and lunger! We just took a very brief stroll but now I feel more confident about taking them out with us so we’ll have even more bonding time with the four of us.

So, the dogs are getting along very well with their baby brother. I bet they can’t wait until he’s older and starts pulling on all their pullable parts. =)


One response to “The pack adjusts

  1. Allie says:

    Oh I know how you feel. It definitely gets better with the dogs. Our dogs have adjusted great as well and it gets better and better everyday. Collin now chases them all over and I think they are the reason he is an early crawler! He also pulls on their ears and paws and they just get up and walk away. It sounds like you have yours trained pretty well, so I would not worry, it just takes time. A neat site I have found is Since we both have pittie mixes, I thought you might like it.

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