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Snoozing station set!

on January 11, 2009

Well, we’ve FINALLY assembled the baby’s crib! Originally, I wanted to set it up in our room for a few months but after talking to several people and thinking it over A LOT, we decided it was best to set it up in his room.

He’ll sleep in our room in the bassinet we got from Kyle and Jen until it’s time to move him into his own place.

I decided to just put it in his room because it would have been virtually impossible to move it out fully assembled and I didn’t want Scott to have to put it together twice. See? I can be nice. 🙂

I only helped on the tail end of it, but it didn’t seem like Scott had TOO muc trouble putting the crib together. He did put one of the end rails backwards on at first. I noticed but didn’t say anything because I thought that’s what the instructions told him to do. Luckily, he noticed without my having to point that out 🙂 Apparently, the company realized they left a step out of the instructions and added an addendum to the end. It’s funny because it tells you to do that step BEFORE you do anything else and then thanks you for doing so. It really says something along the lines of, “Make you do this first. Thanks!” I found it quite amusing. Scott didn’t find it nearly as funny. Here’s the finished product:

Baby's crib

Baby's crib

Pretty nice, huh? The bedding was a shower gift from Lyn. It is SO CUTE! I wanted something with bright colors and this was perfect!

Stuffed safari animals courtesy of Grandma

Stuffed safari animals courtesy of Grandma

Here’s a peek into the inside of the crib. Scott’s mom gave us all these safari animals which I think go very well with the bedding! Of course, they won’t be left in the crib while baby is sleeping in it. I’m going to have to take the bumper off when he’s sleeping in it too.

I know some people feel differently, but I am totally against having anything with the baby in the crib other than whatever he’s swaddled in. In everything I’ve been reading about sleep habits they say to keep as many things away from baby’s face as possible. So, none of the side sleepers for baby and, no matter how cute and how much of a hassle it will be, that bumper is coming off when baby is in the crib.

We still have to do a little more furniture moving around and other decor stuff, but we’re getting closer. I keep telling the baby that, the sooner he comes out, the sooner he can try all this stuff. But that must not be enough incentive for him. 🙂

We have less than a week to go!!


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