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Kiddo report

on January 8, 2009

Our doctor says that everything seems to be progressing nicely. My cervix has definitely thinned out more. I’m still only about 1cm dilated but she said that it’s not unusual for first time moms to thin out and not really dilate.

Since I was convinced that the baby is going to be late, I asked her about induction. She said that we’d see where we are at our next appointment. She also said that he may be early but, of course you never know. So, while I am a little more hopeful that he will make his appearance soon, I’m not holding my breath. Our next appointment is next Thursday morning.

She also said that he’s sitting really low. I told her that I have needed to make MANY more bathroom trips than usual and she said that she wasn’t surprised. She said that he’s so low it must be like sitting on a bowling ball!

So, we’ll keep waddling along until the big day (or night)!


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