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Busy little bees

on January 4, 2009

Once again, we had a pretty busy weekend.

On Saturday morning, we attended an infant safety and CPR class. We got out a little early so, since it was GORGEOUS out, we had brunch on the patio of the Blue Goose. DELICIOUS!

Because I ate too much and also because I heard that walking helps induce labor, Scott and I took the dogs on a walk as a warm up to his run. We had to turn back a little earlier than planned–my legs and belly both felt really heavy. Plus, the little guy was either excited about moving around or protesting greatly because he kept pressing on my innards. Scott did say we did walk for almost a mile so that’s good. Man, I’m out of shape. 🙂

On Saturday, we also received our first delivery from the diaper service and a crash course on using cloth diapers. (I’ll leave  our reasons for going cloth for another blog.) I’m really excited! Sadly, sock monkey is not as good a practice case for diapering. It’s not so much his skinniness that’s a problem…it’s his tail! I’m going to have to dig out one of the teddy bears to do more practicing.

While Scott did more cleaning out of stuff, I worked on getting the car seat bases in the cars. I thought it would be easy peasy since my cousin Lyn said the LATCH system (which both our cars have) makes car seat installation as simple as pie. Uhm…HELLO…it only makes it simple if you can understand the diagrams! I couldn’t tell the front from the back and as a result installed it backwards the first time. Too bad I didn’t realize that before I spent too much time and elbow grease trying to tighten the stupid adjustment belt! GRRRR.

So, after a quick break, I figured out what I was doing wrong and it WAS much easier. I still don’t think I have it strapped in as tightly as it should be so I’m hoping Scott can get it tighter. I’m happy to report that installation of the base in Scott’s car went much more smoothly. Apparently, car seat installation wore me out because after doing a few more things around the house I took a 1 and 1/2 hour nap! I probably would have slept longer if I wasn’t hungry to boot. 🙂

On Sunday morning, we went to the DMA with Den and Ning to see the King Tut exhibit. (Also the subject for another blog post.) Since we’ve been home, the stroller has been assembled as has the cute little laundry hamper Greg gave us. I’ve been shredding old stuff like crazy and Scott has moved a bunch of stuff around in the baby’s room. I think we’re going to try to get the dresser in there tonight. That would be nice because, although I like it a lot, it really doesn’t belong in the kitchen.

We’ve got a ton done. Someday, we may even be ready for the little guy to get here! I have a feeling that he’s going to be late. I also have a feeling that he’s waiting for his crib to be assembled before he decides to make his appearance. Silly kid, doesn’t he know that he can sleep in the bassinet (on loan from his Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jen) OR the pack and play until the crib is ready? We’ll see who can stick it out longer–Daddy, who is in charge of putting the crib together, or Baby E, who seems to enjoy inflicting internal damage on his mommy. Meanwhile, we’ll keep working away!


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