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A very merry Christmas

on December 28, 2008
Merry Belated Christmas from me and the Santa dogs.

Merry Belated Christmas from me and the Santa dogs.

Belated holiday greetings to you all! We had a great Christmas.

It’s an Amparo family tradition to celebrate on Christmas Eve. We have a late dinner (this year it was delicious, of course) and then spend the rest of the time hanging out until midnight. At midnight we do our Christmas greetings, sing a round of “We wish you a merry Christmas,” then pass out and open the presents.

We spent Christmas Eve at my aunt (Tets’s) house. Lyn, Kev and Kyra drove up from Beeville to celebrate with us. As we waited for midnight to roll around, we sang karaoke using our handy dandy magic mic. Sadly, Scott was unable to improve on his magic mic score and Kevin was the evening’s singing champion. Unfortunately, Tito Vic wasn’t feeling well so, despite the fact that the party was held at his house, he spent most of it in bed! Being the trooper that he is, he came out just in time for the gifts. 🙂

On Christmas Day we hung out and Dave and Kris’s place (that’s Scott’s parents for those of you who don’t know). We had yet another delicious dinner, opened even more presents, and did even more magic night singing. It was a lot of fun of course but, we were so tired from the night before we ended up falling asleep at 11:30 pm!

Scott spent a lot of our Christmas celebrations practicing for his International Guiness Chug Challenge. It is exactly what it sounds like. I won’t go into any more details as I’m sure he’ll recap on his blog. I WILL say that his first attempt was very messy. Thank goodness for Shout stain treatment!

It is always nice to spend time with family and friends and Christmas makes it even more special. Hope you all had as merry a Christmas as we did!


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