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Possibly no longer nameless

on December 24, 2008

If you follow Scott’s blog, you’ll know that we think we have finally agreed on a name for the baby. You will also know that we’re not telling which name is the final contender. Sorry, folks. 🙂 We just don’t want to start second guessing ourselves if comments and criticisms start rolling in. Besides, there’s always the possibility that we may change our minds. 🙂

I happened to be looking at Babycenter’s 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2008 and was pleased to see that, while a lot of the names I liked were on the list, our final contender IS NOT. I’m very glad because, even though I didn’t want a totally unusal name for the baby like Quillon (sorry, Dad), we didn’t want a supremely popular name either.

So, that’s that. Any guesses? Unlike his canine siblings, the baby will not be named after an alcoholic beverage…at least not one that we’re familiar with. If there is one, I guess Scott would call that a bonus. 🙂


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