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Baby update and other news

on December 19, 2008

Had a doctor’s appointment today and everything looks fine. For those of you who care and are curious, my cervix has started to thin and dilate just a little bit. The baby hasn’t dropped very much yet.

On Saturday we’ll be 36 weeks. Can you believe there’s only about a month to go? The nesting instinct has not kicked in for me yet I don’t think. Instead of bursts of energy, I’m having waves of fatigue. Yesterday, I had to call in sick to work because I was so tired I could barely move! I wonder if it was a combination of working Saturday through Wednesday and watching Scott bustle around to make space for the new tv.

That’s right, we got a new tv! (If you are a robber, please ignore this.) It’s a 42″ plasma and still mostly sitting in the box. It’s our Christmas present to ourselves. Scott, the deliberator, spent a lot of time debating on whether or not we should get one before finally making the big decision. Since prices have gone down considerably and we’ll be home a lot more we thought it the right time to make the purchase.

I hope we don’t spend TOO much time with the new tv this weekend. We have barely made a dent in our Christmas shopping! Even though we’re keeping it simple this year, we still have to get some done.

That’s all the news in our worlds right now!


One response to “Baby update and other news

  1. Allie says:

    We got a new plasma tv when Collin was born too! It was definitely worth it, because we are homebodies now. My mom said when I was born they got a VCR, haha! She said it was about 500 bucks back then!

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