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European vacation-the quick and dirty version

on December 15, 2008

In March we headed back to Europe, this time with a few other members of the Evans clan: Kris and Dave (Scott’s parents) and Robyn (Scott’s sister). It was their first time over there so Scott and I were happy to show them the ropes. Obviously, we packed a lot in during the time we were over there so I’ll hit just a few of the high points.

London: The Tower of London was amazing! I would have loved to explored it more. The Crown Jewels were very sparkly. I could have spent hours at the British Library.

Edinburgh: Toured the castle. Had a delightful lunch with our friend Rebecca’s family.

Dublin: Had an “excellent adventure” on the bus ride from the airport to our various hotels. Had a BLAST on St. Patrick’s Day at the Guinness Brewery. Found new best buds in Kristy and Dave who also introduced us to schwarma. Met a fellow Bobcat (GO, OHIO!) at the Brazenhead (a really ancient cool tavern).

Spent the rest of the time driving around Ireland. Kudos to Dave for driving, not just on the other side of the road, but on teeny tiny roads to boot! We stayed in a bunch of tiny little Irish towns, listened to great music, met a lot of interesting people and ate a lot of great food. It was an awesome time. Scott and I think that, the next time we go back we will establish a home base and do a lot of day trips from there. Of course, our adventures will take another turn since we’ll have a little kiddo with us!

The big downer for me was that I got sick towards the end of the journey. I had a fever, the sniffles, and a horrible cough. Thankfully, I stopped in at the chemist in Dublin and she gave me all kinds of good meds that sent me on the road to recovery.

Sorry this was so brief. I had a great time but honestly, so we did so much I would be going on and on for forever. We did take pictures, of course. You can see those on Scott’s Flickr (I think they’re also combined with pics his sis and mom took):
London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland), Kinsale (Ireland), Doolin (Ireland), Dingle (Ireland), Galway (Ireland)

BTW, we took on Rick Steves’ Ireland travel guide with us on the trip. We’ve used his books on other trips and found them extremely helpful. This was no exception. Thanks, Rick Steves!

Hanging out at the Guinness Brewery on St. Paddys Day.

Hanging out at the Guinness Brewery on St. Paddy's Day.


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