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Scott’s world of work

on December 8, 2008

Scott on the Emmys red carpet

Scott on the Emmys red carpet

This year Scott became a municipal employee as well! He now works for the City of Allen as a Video Producer. I think he likes it because he gets to spread his creative wings a lot more than he did at Hot on Homes.

He’s already doing fantastic things there. In this first year alone he’s been nominated for several awards. His team cleaned up at one of the statewide award shows (I don’t remember the name, you’d have to ask him). They’ve also won first place NATIONWIDE for Excellence in Government Programming.

The most exciting news is that Scott was nominated for a Texas Emmy! Unfortunately, he didn’t win but there’s always next year! He did get to go to Houston for the award ceremony AND walk down the red carpet. We even bought him a new suit for the occasion. Doesn’t he look so handsome all suited up?

Anyway, he’s doing all kinds of cool things for the City of Allen. One of my favorites is a weekly “what’s happening” show called the Dilly-O. To take a look at this show as well as his other projects check out their YouTube channel.


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